Educational / Pedagogical

Wood Models created with the idea of ​​developing creativity, attention, concentration, memory and imagination. While greatly increases the ability of location and spatial perception due to its three-dimensionality, also it implies an effort in manual dexterity for precision of its lace, skills that many games based on new technologies sometimes neglected. That is why a material with a strong and important pedagogical and didactic directed especially to the areas of Plastic and Sciences form, as it has much to do with both subjects, although it can be used transversely for other purposes, as is the purely recreational aspect.

Its development has involved a multidisciplinary team of specialists in various related fields. Wood Models perfectly reconciles fun with learning.

Wood Models can be painted and decorated, we recommend school markers or watercolors in the case of minors under adult supervision or any other type of paint market always watching the manufacturer’s safety standards. Given that depending on the thickness of the applied can have difficulty at the time of assembly (if it has been painted before assembly) due to the accuracy of the lace layer. If the painting is done once installed no problem. Despite this precision that comment, we recommend a small drop of glue or glue joints for final assembly.

Moreover, each model contains a form with a more or less detailed description of the history, habitat, customs, food and some data about the animal, construction or machine specifically in the mounting evidence we did pre-commercialization with some students and adults of different ages, we observe the interest, passion and curiosity aroused in them on different essay topics. Models Wood is designed and recommended from 6 years (under the supervision of an adult or guardian). All models are marked with a degree of difficulty for a correct choice.

A help guide for installation guide that can be used or not to give more or less degree of difficulty is accompanied inside. Within the range we make, there are models aimed at a wide range of users, from school of any cycle to adult experts and lovers of constructive play.

Wood Models is a constantly growing family, continue working on new projects, researching and developing new products, always from the premise contribute something positive to society. Wood Models put special care throughout the manufacturing process, using only recyclable and biodegradable materials, such as DM, which is made of scrap wood and pulp. High strength material and reuses the debris generated by the industry giving them new life, avoiding the cutting of trees. We consider it a duty of all to preserve and protect the environment.